With the beginning of the Lebanese war in 1975, the youth were taken by emptiness and despair. But some of them revolted and decided not to surrender. They gathered under the motto “Faith, Charity, Peace” and they established the movement “Rabtet El Oukhouweh”, which embraced young boys and girls who meet weekly during social, educational, entertaining and spiritual gatherings.

With the aggravation of the situation and the occurrence of displacement within the country, from a region to another, and in front of the needs of displaced families, the movement communicated with Caritas to ensure the families’ necessities.

After schools closed during the war, the movement took the charge of educating the children in quarters’ schools. And to contribute to the amelioration of the work and information, we connected, through sessions, with the UNICEF, ULCV, YMCA, YWCA and the Directorate of Youth and Sports to up bring educators and instructors to ensure the continuation. Entertaining activities for children and families and elders, as well as entertaining meetings occurred repeatedly in the displaced centers, as in the educational and entertaining camps for youth and children with the collaboration of UNICEF and the Directorate of Youth and Sports. Add to this, the free food tables and entertaining activities for elders.

All of the abovementioned activities continue to this day with the youth and elders as indiscriminate acts of kindness bringing hope to people’s lives.

Rabtet el Oukhouwe saw the need and wanted to take things to a further level. The dream got bigger and bigger and Dayaat al Risala (Mission Village) as an association was established. Late Father Daoud Kawkabani established the spirituality of the association and gave the association its current name.

Inspired by the efforts of Rabtet el Oukhouwe and in response to the needs,  the Bishop Pilippe Shebaya foundation (BPSF) and a group of devoted people joined together to pursue the same goal and vision of creating a village of hope, a shelter for abandoned and disadvantaged people. Work efforts were joined for the construction of Dayaat al Risala, a community of hope that will fulfill the mission.

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