About Us

Dayaat Al Risala (Mission Village)

1- “Mission Village will be a shelter for homeless and disadvantaged people from different areas of Lebanon.

The organization will welcome people in need to the community; it will care for their urgent needs and provide them with space and opportunities to get reintegrated in society and have a better future. It will also serve as a permanent home for specific individuals whose conditions require it.

The village’s land will hold a block for homeless elderly people, a block for young people and homeless families, an administration area and a retreat center and camping area that would help in different aspects of the community and cover a part of the running cost of the project.

Mission village is not only a shelter for different people in need; it is a community where people can live and grow in different aspects of their lives. It will bring hope and joy to many and help them overcome their difficult challenges and live with dignity. The village will also serve as a base camp and a source of inspiration for many to become better people and to serve their community.

2- The community’s spirituality is based on Christian teachings and the bible. Mission village is inspired by the spiritual and social teachings of the church and the person of Jesus Christ and it is committed to receiving people in need from different backgrounds, religions and traditions.

3- Mission village community is an inclusive community that values and work for the person’s dignity and welfare. Members of the community are expected to respect the values of the community and adopt its mission of reaching out to people and giving them back their dignity and enkindling hope in their lives

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